Breathing Techniques for Runners

At present time, each person has a very busy life. Many people do not really care about how they are breathing and how they can make their breathing more benefit able. There are many breathing techniques for various purposes but today we will talk about the breathing techniques for runners.

Breathing in Rhythm:

Breathing in rhythm is a critical technique for athletes to be free from injury. But, to do it one must know about the stresses while running. When a person hits the floor then a force of reaction three times from his/her, body weights and an impact of stress becomes greater when that person hits the floor at the beginning of exhaling carbon dioxide. It is because when a person exhales then his /her muscle linked with diaphragm creates less stability in his/her core. At the moment of impact if less stability will occur then it will cause a significant injury.

If a runner wants to protect himself from injury, then he must breathe in rhythm as it coordinates the foot strike with inhaling of oxygen and exhale of carbon dioxide. In a very even pattern due to which a runner will hit the ground on the right foot and the left foot at the time of each exhalation of carbon dioxide. In this manner, the stress impact while running will be distributed evenly on the both sides of the runner’s body.

Breathing Deeply

Breathing has always been an important part of various exercise patterns like Yoga, Martial Arts, etc. According to Yoga, the breath work brings life to a force in the body. The inhalation of the significant amount of oxygen and exhalation of a significant amount of carbon dioxide control the heartbeat and make it normal which will result in the reduction of stress.

Breathing deeply not just only controls weight but it also results in a deep self-confidence. The professionals of Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation and other arts used to practice deep breathing to have control over their body. Breathing deeply also helps you to feel your running which allows you to have precise control over your body.

Become a Belly Breather:

Before moving towards breathing in rhythm or breathing deeply, a runner should become a belly breather. A belly breather is a one who breathes from his/her diaphragm. Diaphragm breathing is one of the very important exercises in Yoga and is best for runners to reduce stress.

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